Collection: Hayati Vape

"Explore the world of vaping with Hayati Vapes! Discover the Hayati Pro Mini & Hayati Pro Max, offering 4000 puffs vape  to 15000 puffs. Dive into our flavorful hayati vape options and Hayati Vape E-Liquids, including the innovative Hayati Remix, Hayati Duo Mesh, Hayati Pro Ultra and enjoy a nicotine-free experience with Hayati  Zero Nicotine vapes. Shop now!"

  • Are Hayati Pro Max vapes safe?

    Yes, Hayati Pro Max vapes are manufactured using high-quality materials and undergo strict quality control measures to ensure safety.

  • How many puffs does a Hayati Pro Max have?

    The Hayati Pro Max offers an impressive 4000 puff capacity, providing a long-lasting vaping experience.

  • Do Hayati Pro Max vapes have nicotine?

    No, Hayati Pro Max vapes are nicotine-free, making them ideal for those who prefer zero-nicotine options.

  • Where can I buy Hayati Pro Max and other Hayati Vapes?

    Hayati Pro Max and other Hayati Vapes can be purchased from various authorized retailers like us VaporClub . Look for authorized sellers to ensure you're getting genuine Hayati products.

  • What are the flavors available in Hayati Pro Max?

    Hayati Pro Max offers a wide range of delicious Hayati flavors, including fruity options like strawberry and mango, as well as refreshing choices like mint and menthol.

  • What is the difference between Hayati Pro Max and Hayati Pro Ultra?

    While both Hayati Pro Max and Hayati Pro Ultra offer excellent performance and flavors, the hayati Pro Ultra has an astounding 15000 puff capacity, making it ideal for those who want an extended vaping experience.

  • Are Hayati Vapes legal in the UK?

    Yes, Hayati Vapes are legal to purchase and use in the UK.

  • What is Hayati Pro Mini and Hayati miniature?

    Hayati Pro Mini and hayati miniature is a compact and travel-friendly vape option with a range of flavors and 600 puffs.

  • Do Hayati Pro Max vapes contain nicotine?

    No, Hayati Pro Max vapes are nicotine-free, allowing users to enjoy the flavors without any nicotine-related concerns.